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Meet the Sales and Events Team

Our experienced and dedicated staff will make planning your next event at Grand Sierra Resort easy, whether you’re planning a business meeting, banquet, convention or tradeshow. Our team will walk you through the process, answer your questions and ensure that your event is a success. Our staff is trained to give you the attention and quality service you deserve.

Meeting & Event Leadership

Mark McMinn
Vice President, Meeting & Event Sales and Services
Lexi Miech, Regional Director of National Accounts
Lexi Miech
Executive Director, Meeting & Event Sales

Meeting & Event Sales Team

Jennifer Powers
Senior Event Sales Manager
Janet McRoberts, CMP Corporate Sales Manager
Janet McRoberts, CMP
Corporate Sales Manager Crystal Class
Ramona Byram, Regional Sales Manager
Ramona Byram
Regional Meeting Sales Manager
Daniel Pferschy, Sales Manager
Daniel Pferschy
Regional Meeting Sales Manager

Cole Sampson
Meeting Sales Manager
Nanci Pferschy, Wedding Chapel Manager
Nanci Pferschy
Meeting & Event Sales Manager

Meeting & Event Services Team

Sonia Leyva, Event Services Manager
Sonia Leyva
Event Services Manager
Amy Sanchez, Event Services Manager
Amy Sanchez
Event Services Manager
Donald Picerno, A/V Manager
Donald Picerno
Event Tech & Audio Visual Manager

Meeting & Event Support Team

Brooke Olszewski, Business Analyst
Brooke Olszewski
Business Analyst
Cynthia Farstad, Exeuctive Admin
Cynthia Farstad
Executive Admin
Ana Molina, Sales Process Specialist
Ana Molina
Sales Process Specialist

Pandemic Compliance Advisors

In addition to the extensive health and safety initiatives already in place throughout the resort, the Meetings and Events team members have completed training as Pandemic Compliant Advisors (PCA) through a program developed and conducted by Health Education Services. The purpose of this certification is to define the role and describe the responsibilities of those whose duty it is to ensure that safe practices are implemented, communicated, and effectively carried out throughout the whole meeting cycle.

Your Health & Safety Is Our Priority

While we could not be more pleased to welcome you to GSR, we realize that our world is a much different place — and many concerns must be addressed in a meaningful and transparent manner in order to provide much needed piece of mind. GSR is committed to doing our best to provide a safe and healthy environment for our valued guests and devoted team members. To that end, we have developed a comprehensive health and safety program that we have implemented in coordination with the re-opening of the property. READ MORE >

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