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GSR Clean

Health & Safety

Masks Now Required

Citing studies that show wearing masks saves lives, Nevada’s Governor Sisolak, has mandated that all business patrons must wear face coverings and be subject to a strict “no mask, no service” policy. Exceptions will be while “actively” eating or drinking, when swimming in the pool, and for children under 10 years of age – all while maintaining proper social distancing. People with allergies or other health issues that are unable to wear a face mask must instead wear a face shield. This requirement will stay in effect until the Governor rescinds the order.

Safety for All Guests
Non-invasive thermal cameras have been placed at property entry points. Guests with a temperature over 100.4° will be asked to leave the property.
Per state mandate, all people in public places must wear a protective face mask or face shield fully covering the nose and mouth. Please be advised that GSR reserves the right to ask any person to leave if they are not willing to follow the face mask/shield directives.

GSR Clean: Health & Safety Program

Grand Sierra Resort has developed a comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures to help ensure the highest possible levels of cleanliness throughout the resort. The GSR Clean: Health & Safety Program includes social distancing measures, upgraded sanitation procedures, microbial control, face-covering guidelines, temperature checks, occupancy limits, employee testing, and more. Designed to address the health and safety of our guests and team members, our sanitation response exceeds current standards set by the CDC and local health officials.

READ: GSR Clean – Health & Safety Program Summary Document

In addition to using specialized, CDC recommended disinfectants, we are applying EPA registered, anti-microbial surface protectant to high-touch items like door handles, gaming chips, elevator buttons, and slot machine panels. The groundbreaking product, BIOPROTECT™ Antimicrobial Surface Protectant (, contains no poisons or heavy metals but effectively aids in preventing microbial contamination on surfaces for approximately 90 days after application. Surfaces will be continuously cleaned to provide additional assurance that a surface is clean.

GSR utilizes bipolar ionization technology to combat tobacco smoke and odor throughout the resort. The Plasma Air ( system naturally neutralizes odors, reduces smoke particulate by 96.3 percent, reduces total volatile organic compounds by 98.6 percent, and reduces bacteria and viruses by 99.9 percent.

Touch-Free Hand Washing & Drying

Grand Sierra Resort is proud to be the first casino resort property in the area to utilize exciting new technology to minimize touchpoints in some of our public restrooms with the Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry system. This unique solution reduces need to guests to move away from the sink to dry their hands. In addition, the air drying process forces air through HEPA air filters before quickly and hygienically ‘scraping’ water from hands.


Thank you for visiting Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. Your comfort is important to us. Since reopening in June, we have followed a comprehensive outline of health and safety protocols under our GSR Clean program to minimize risk for our guests and team members.

In addition to our vigorous cleaning protocols, you may also notice enhanced security across the resort. We recently established a Special Response Team of professionally trained, highly experienced security officers. The Special Response Team along with security checkpoints at each guest entrance have been established to offer you an additional layer of safety when you visit with us. 

We look forward to welcoming you to GSR.

Health and Hygiene 
Guests are required to wear masks in all shared public indoor spaces while on property. Guests are also asked to stay home if they do not feel well. Numerous hand sanitizer stations and disinfecting wipes will be available at entry points as well as throughout the property in areas such as the front desk, hotel lobbies, casino floor, restaurant entrances, meeting and convention spaces, elevator landings, pool, fitness center, and common walkways. As appropriate doors will remain open to minimize the need for handling. Additionally, restrooms will have instructions posted regarding handwashing etiquette to reduce the risk of germs.

Safety and Wellness Reminders 
Guests can expect signage throughout the property and in the restrooms as reminders of proper handwashing protocols, how to cover sneezes and coughs, personal mask and glove application and disposal, and reminders to minimize touching their faces.

Social Distancing 
Throughout the property, guests will see markers on the floor or stanchions to signify the amount of distance they should keep between other people not in their group. This will be expected in line queuing, as well as in the casino where guests might observe other guests playing slots or tables. We are also limiting the number of guests in smaller areas such as elevators, restaurants, and retail stores.

Personal Protective Guards 
Guests will see countertop Plexiglas shields on the property, including at the front desk, players club, casino cage, the sportsbook, and more. These will help protect guests and team members during face-to-face transactions. These protective guards will be disinfected regularly.

Keep Each Other Healthy and Safe
We have taken enhanced health and safety measures — for you, our other Guests, and Team Members. Please follow all posted instructions while visiting Grand Sierra Resort. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By visiting Grand Sierra Resort you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Our hotel is a point of pride for GSR. Our already high cleanliness standards now include main entrance doors that auto-open, a limited number of guests per elevator, clear social distancing and safety signage, removal of hotel room collateral and non-essential items, installation of Plexiglas shields, encouraging guests to utilize mobile check-in/out, specific disinfection of high-touch items in rooms, HVAC bipolar ionization technology to kill virus cells, numerous sanitizing stations, more frequent cleaning and much more.

With the most spacious casino floor in the region, GSR has an even greater opportunity to provide a clean and safe environment for our guests. Occupancy will be limited to 25% of the maximum amount allowed by fire code per State mandate. Additional sanitization efforts now include revised machine configurations for proper separation between guests, masks must be worn by each guest, additional hand sanitizer dispensers, and frequent cleaning processes for table game chips and slot machines.

Slot Machine Distancing
The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) issued guidelines for slot machine social distancing. One of the options is to remove the center (in-between) seats from banks of machines. GSR chose to go the extra step and remove over 100 slot machines and totally redesign our slot floor. The result of the redesign is that the seats are much further apart than if the center seats were simply removed. Many of our slot banks have over 7 feet between chairs. After visiting and reviewing our newly designed floor, the NGCB immediately approved our slot floor distancing plan without any modifications.

Table Chip Sanitization
Our casino chips are sanitized on a daily rotation each night as approved by the NGCB.

Our award-winning dining outlets and exceptional bars and lounges are favorite amenities for many of our guests. Clean environments are essential for your comfort and will now include efforts such as increased space between guests, mobile ordering, text message table status, single-use menus, and removal of self-serve food options. Occupancy will be limited to 25% of the maximum amount allowed by fire code per State mandate. A maximum limit of four people per table in all dining outlets will be enforced

Reservations are required at establishments serving food — please visit individual restaurant web pages to make online reservations, or call 775.789.2332. 

As the region’s favorite resort pool, we know sanitization and social distancing is of utmost importance. All lounge chairs and high-touch points will be disinfected before and after every guest, mobile ordering will soon be available, occupancy will be limited to 25% of the maximum amount allowed by fire code per State mandate, self-serve food options removed, and new sanitizing stations installed.

At the Spa, we have increased the frequency of our already high cleanliness protocols, ensuring every treatment area is thoroughly cleaned before and after each guest.

GSR and the Grand Theatre are committed to doing our best to provide a safe and healthy environment for our valued guests and devoted team members. At this time, tickets for shows are grouped into and sold as “pods” to promote social distancing between groups. Per state mandate, all patrons must wear face coverings and are subject to a strict “no mask, no service” policy. Exceptions will be while “actively” eating or drinking. People with allergies or other health issues that are unable to wear a face mask must instead wear a face shield. This requirement will stay in effect until the Governor of Nevada rescinds the order. GSR and the Grand Theatre reserve the right to ask any person to leave if they are not willing to follow the mask/shield directives. Please visit the Grand Theatre FAQs tab on this page for more information and details.

The fun won’t stop at the Bowling Center, Fun Quest, Grand Adventure Land, and Grand Bay Driving Range, but social distancing and sanitation will be of utmost importance. Occupancy will be limited to 25% of the maximum amount allowed by fire code per State mandate. Notably, at the Bowling Center, every other lane will be open at bowling with group size limits in place. At Fun Quest, the TumbleTown attraction will be closed until further notice, some games will be disabled to allow for proper social distancing, and birthday party size limits will be implemented. All recreation areas will be properly sanitized before, during, and after hours of operation.

Our conference center will be completely sanitized prior to and throughout your event. Meeting and banquet set-up arrangements will allow for physical distancing between guests in all meetings and events based on CDC and state recommendations. Self-serve buffet-style food service will be suspended and replaced by alternative service styles. GSR has many options for adjusting seating capacity to ensure safe spacing between guests. We also offer a variety of options for meal service and coffee breaks that comply with local and state recommendations. Our dedicated sales team offers clients virtual support for tours, site visits, and overall planning needs.

Training & Testing
GSR team members will receive full training and updates regarding COVID-19 cleaning and hygiene protocols as well as how to identify potential guest wellness concerns in their areas. In the event a suspected case is reported on property, team members will have clear instructions regarding their role and how to advance concerns. Employee testing is not required of businesses in Nevada. However, GSR will have testing available for some returning Team Members.

Health & Hygiene
Team members are instructed to stay home if they do not feel well, will have their temperature taken upon arrival to work, will be tested for COVID, and will be required to wear masks. Security will be thoroughly trained on how to respond to those with suspected COVID. Additionally, all vendors will have their temperature checked as they enter the property. Anyone with a high temperature will undergo further assessment, be advised of appropriate medical care steps, and must receive clearance before returning to work.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Team members will be provided with and required to wear face masks in adherence to local and state guidelines. For roles that require access to frequent touchpoints (public area department, housekeeping) or guests (security) team members will be provided gloves as well.

Shared Equipment and Workstations
Changes will be made to minimize shared workstations and equipment as much as possible. For devices that must be shared, they will be cleaned and disinfected prior to the next person using the device. Team members will also clean equipment several times throughout their shift.

Back of House
Behind the scenes, areas will be disinfected often and, like the main guest areas, with COVID-19 standards in mind. Team members will also continue to practice social distancing while on break and walking between areas of the property.

With the state mandate for all people to wear masks in shared public spaces (including privately-owned businesses, like GSR), there are several questions that you might have. So, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help ensure you have the best information possible for a safe, healthy, and enjoyable visit to our property.

A: The State of Nevada now requires masks that cover your nose and mouth to be worn in all public spaces – indoors and outdoors. Doing so will help businesses in Nevada to stay open and help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

A: When entering Grand Sierra Resort you will be asked to put on a mask, if you do not have one, GSR will provide one to you.

A: Masks must be worn properly and cover at least your mouth and nose. Masks are not required to be medical-grade “N-95” style masks. Masks can be made out of most any type of fabric, and can even be a bandana or other cloth.

A: You may remove your mask temporarily only when “actively” eating, drinking, or smoking.

A: Yes, masks are required to be worn properly in all public spaces, including all table games, even if they have Plexiglas shields.

A: Children under the age of 10 (ten) are not required to wear face coverings when in public spaces. But, children 2-9 years old are strongly encouraged to wear face masks.

A: When actually in the water, please do not wear a mask as it is a safety hazard. When you are out of the water face masks or face shields are required to be on at all times, even while practicing proper social distancing.

A: Yes, masks are required for any public or private transportation that others have used or will use.

A: If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a face mask, you must at least wear a face shield.

A: No, you don’t. We want to simply make sure we not only are following the state requirement but that all of our guests feel safe. Wearing a face shield rather than a face mask will help achieve this goal.

A: Yes! We want all of our team and guests to be safe at GSR. Therefore, Team Members also have to wear masks when interacting with others, when in public areas at all times, when preparing food, and in common areas like the hallways in the back of the house.

GSR and the Grand Theatre are committed to doing our best to provide a safe and healthy environment for our valued guests and devoted team members. At this time, tickets for shows are grouped into and sold as “pods” to promote social distancing between groups.

A: No, at this time the box office will not have normal operating hours with staff at the desk. Guests are STRONGLY encouraged to purchase tickets online.

Should a guest need assistance with seating or ticket purchases, the box office phone line is open at 775-789-1115 for phone sales and ticket inquiries. Availability is limited and wait times may be longer due to call volumes, especially on show on-sale days.

A: All tickets will be digital, either sent to your email or in a text message to your phone. There will be no box office operations, walk up sales or will call available on show days. Guests should take the time in advance of the show to ensure their tickets are loaded on their devices, as printing and/or computer access will be unavailable at the venue. It is your responsibility to ensure your tickets are loaded and available.

A: Per the Governor’s directive, the Grand Theatre may operate at 10% capacity, or 249 total seats (Capacity of the Grand Theatre is 2,499).

A: Yes, if you are an Infinity Rewards member who would like to purchase tickets using comps and points, please call 775-789-1115 to complete transaction.

A: At this time, due to limited capacity, complimentary offers will not be available. Infinity Rewards members are eligible for pre-sale (check email for presale code), which is available for online purchases only.

A: All guests will be required to submit to a temperature check upon entering the venue. Any guest who displays a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will be denied access to the venue.

All guests must answer the COVID screening questions prior to entry. If a guest is displaying symptoms, or answers YES to any of the screening questions, they will not be allowed access to the venue. Refunds will not be permitted for guests who are denied entry due to COVID related screening or temperature checks.

Seats will be sold in “pods” of 2-4 tickets each to promote social distancing between groups.

Gathering in the Grand Theatre Lobby is not permitted at any time either before, during or after the show.

All Team Members will take necessary precautions to slow the spread, including but not limited to: wearing masks at all times, wearing gloves when handling cash and drinks, frequent sanitization of countertops and high touch surfaces.

Guests will be asked to exit the venue by section and row, from back to front in order to maintain social distancing. Once the show has concluded, please remain in your seat until your usher releases your row to exit. Guests must proceed directly to the exit and avoid congregating in any area of the Grand Theatre.

A: The bars will not be open, however, cocktail service will be available directly from your seat. Credit cards are strongly suggested as method of payment.

A: No, in and out privileges are not allowed due to COVID screening protocols. Once you exit the theatre for any reason, re-entry will NOT be permitted.

A: There is a strict no re-entry policy.

A: Yes, there are restrooms inside the venue. Guests are asked not to congregate in the restrooms and maintain 6’ of social distance at all times.

A: VIP Booth upgrades are available for parties of 4. A VIP booth will include premium booth seating, a commemorative VIP lanyard, 4 drink tickets, a dedicated cocktail server and VIP host. VIP Balcony seating and Meet & Greets are not permitted at this time.

While many of our business operations have been modified to help ensure your safety, GSR is committed to doing our best to make your visit worry-free, enjoyable, and to our high standards or customer service. We believe it is vital for us to be transparent and provide you with important information on the efforts being implemented and the potential impact on your stay.

  • All guests are required to wear protective face masks while in indoor public spaces.
  • Use the automatic sensor to open doors and limit door handle exposure.
  • At each open entrance, GSR team members will ensure that each guest is wearing a mask. Masks will be provided for those that do not have their own.
  • Valet services are open for luggage drop-off and pick-up, however parking services are suspended until further notice.
  • Airport shuttle service will occur once every sixty minutes during operating hours.
  • Upon arrival at the lobby, please feel free to utilize our hand sanitizer stations and disinfectant wipes, and please practice safe social distancing.
  • Stanchions will be set with social distancing markers and protective shields at the counter.
  • Guests’ temperature will be taken at time of hotel check-in.
  • To minimize contact, we encourage you to use our mobile check in/out, and “Sierra” our virtual guest service assistant.
  • Plexiglas shields will be installed at Bell Desk.
  • Bell carts, scooters, and wheelchairs will be sanitized after each use.
  • Social distancing signage and markers will be in place reminding guests of a limit of four (4) per elevator.
  • Elevator lobbies will be monitored the elevator lobby to ensure fewer people per elevator as well as activating the buttons so guests can minimize exposure.
  • Your room will be treated with enhanced cleaning products and stringent disinfectant protocols.
  • Once the room is deemed cleaned to specifications, it will be considered sealed until the guest checks in.
  • Television remote controls will be disinfected, packaged, and sealed.
  • All paper products will be removed from the room with information available on the in-room TV system.
  • Glassware will be replaced with single-use, sealed cups.
  • Additional bedding at any time during your stay.
  • Guest rooms will not be serviced, however you can request additional amenities if needed; guidelines will be followed to ensure the protection of the team member and the guest.
  • Except when actually in the water, guests are required to wear a face mask or face shield and maintain proper social distancing.
  • All pool areas are deep cleaned nightly.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will occur between each guest’s use of lounge chairs, daybeds, and cabanas.
  • The pool layout will be updated to include social distancing guidelines and proper space between guests.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the pool area and guests will be asked to sanitize prior to entering.
  • Barware will be limited to single-use cups and only individually wrapped straws will be available.
  • Guests are encouraged to reserve a Cabana or Day Bed ahead of time for themselves or their group.
  • The Pool lounge chairs will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Occupancy & Access

Please note, in compliance with the State of Nevada COVID-19 guidelines, The Pool will operate at 25% capacity until further notice.

Guests staying in the hotel at GSR will be allowed complimentary access along with three additional guests, by simply displaying their valid room key. Non-hotel guests can only access The Pool with a cabana or daybed reservation, or with a purchased season pass. The Pool lounge chairs will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • While guests are not required to wear a face mask while actively eating or drinking, they must do so at all other times, and maintain proper social distancing.
  • Reservations are required at establishments serving food — please visit individual restaurant web pages to make online reservations, or call 775.789.2332. 
  • Seating capacity will be reduced with clear signage and indicators as to which spaces will be left unoccupied – a maximum limit of four people per table in all dining outlets will be enforced. 
  • All self-serve condiments and utensils will be removed from tables and will be only available from the servers.
  • Straws will be distributed in a wrapper or will be removed whenever possible.
  • Linen napkin service will be suspended until further notice and replaced with paper, single-use napkins.
  • All food and beverage items to be placed on the table, counter, or other surfaces instead of being handed directly to a guest.
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Casino Floor (machines & tables) – 24 Hours
    • High Limit Room – Based on Demand
    • Keno and Poker Room – Coming Soon
  • Signage will be present regarding hygiene protocols, social distancing standards, and specific casino health and safety practices.
  • Guests playing slot machines can request a slot team member to sanitize their machine by pressing the service button on their machine.
  • Guests wishing to gamble, or actively gambling, may be requested to briefly lower their masks for age and identification purposes in compliance with Nevada gaming requirements.
  • Gaming positions in live areas will be sanitized after a play is completed, and before new play begins.
  • To achieve the social distancing guidelines issued by federal, state, and local health authorities, GSR will limit gaming area occupancy to no more than 50%) of the limit per local building and fire codes.
  • Plexiglas shields will be present at locations such as the Cashier’s Cage to provide additional protection

As Grand Sierra Resort re-opens, select amenities will initially be available, and others will open as government/regulator guidelines and/or business demand allows. Here is a list of GSR amenities with our planned open dates and hours of operation (please note that this information is subject to change).


  • 2nd Street Café Express | Daily 24 Hours
  • California Pizza Kitchen | Fri & Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm; Sun-Thu Closed
  • Charlie Palmer Steak Reno | Fri & Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm; Sun-Thu 5:00pm-9:00pm
  • The Grand Buffet | Fri-Thu Closed;
  • Grand Café | Fri-Sun 7:00am-3:00am; Mon-Thu 7:00am-1:00am
  • Johnny Rockets | Daily 11:00am-10:00pm
  • Rim Pan-Asian Bistro | Fri & Sat 5:00pm-11:00pm; Sun-Thu Closed
  • Round Table Pizza | Fri & Sat Noon-10:00pm; Sun Noon-9:00pm; Mon-Thu 4:00pm-9:00pm
  • Starbucks | Fri & Sat 5:00am-9:00pm; Sun 5:00am-7:00pm; Mon-Thu 5:00am-5:00pm
  • Uno Más | Fri & Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm; Sun-Thu Closed
  • Yogurt Beach | Fri & Sat: 11:00am-11:15pm; Sun-Thu 11:00am-10:00pm
  • In-Room Dining (room service) | Fri- 6:00pm-Midnight; Sat 8:00am-2:00pm & 6:00pm-Midnight; Sun-Thu Closed
  • Center Bar | Daily 24 Hours
  • Coppertop Bar in the Bowling Center | Sat: 10:00am-1:00am; Sun-Fri: 4:00pm-Midnight
  • Crystal Lounge | Fri 5:00pm-2:00am; Sat 10:00am-2:00am; Sun 9:30am-11:00pm; Mon-Thu 5:00pm-Midnight
  • Fat Tuesday Reno | Fri & Sat Noon-10:00pm; Sun-Thu Noon-8:00pm
  • Infinity High Limit Bar | Fri & Sat: 5:00pm-2:00am; Sun: 9:30am-10:00pm; Mon: 5:00pm-Midnight; Tue & Wed: Closed; Thu: 5:00pm-Midnight 
  • LEX Ultra Lounge | Fri-Sat 8:00pm-Close
  • Rendezvous Bar | Daily 24 Hours
  • Sports & Snack Bar | Sat 10:00am-Midnight; Sun 9:30am-10:00pm; Mon-Fri 10:00am-10:00pm
  • The Pool | Fri-Sat 11:00am-8:00pm; Sun-Thu 11:00am-7:00pm
    • The Pool Kitchen |Daily 10:30am
  • Spa | Fri-Sun 9:00am-9:00pm; Mon & Thu 10:00am-6:00pm; Tue & Wed Closed
  • Bowling Center | Fri & Sat 10:00am-1:00am; Sun-Thu 10:00am-Midnight
  • Fun Quest | Fri & Sat 10:00am-Midnight; Sun-Thu 10:00am-10:00pm
  • Grand Adventure Land | Sat-Sun 12:00-7:00pm; Mon-Fri Closed
  • Grand Bay Driving Range | Fri-Sun 10:00am-Midnight; Mon-Thu 10:00am-10:00pm
  • Max Action Arena | Sat 10:00am-11:00pm; Sun 10:00am-10:00pm; Mon-Fri Noon-10:00pm
  • Infinity Rewards Desk | Fri & Sat 8:00am-Midnight; Sun 8:00am-10:00pm; Mon-Thu 9:00am-10:00pm
  • VIP Lounge | Fri & Sat 8:00am-Midnight; Sun 8:00-10:00pm; Mon-Thu 9:00am-9:00pm
  • FedEx Office | Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm; Sat & Sun Closed
  • Grand Sweets and Treats | Fri Noon-10:00pm; Sat 10:00am-10:00pm; Sun-Thu Closed
  • Impulse | Fri & Sat 6:00am-2:00am; Sun 6:00am-10:00pm; Mon-Thu 8:00am-10:00pm
  • Outdoor Sport | Fri Noon-10:00pm; Sat 10:00am-10:00pm; Sun 10:00am-6:00pm; Mon-Thu Closed
  • 2bella | Mon-Sat 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun 10:00am-8:00pm
  • Keno Lounge | Daily 8:00am-Midnight
  • The Poker Room | Daily 10:00am-Close
  • William Hill Race & Sportsbook | Fri & Sat 8:00am-10:00pm; Sun-Thu 8:00am-9:00pm
  • RV Park (arrivals & store) | Daily 9:00am-5:00pm

Other Amenities with Open Dates TBD

  • Grand Country Nights at the Sportsbook
  • Grand Theatre
  • Infinity High Limit Bar
  • LEX Nightclub
  • Reserve Wine Bar
  • Valet
  • Vista Lounge
  • All Other Retail Shops

Grand Sierra Resort is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all guests.

Backpack Duffel Oversized Bag Policy

Grand Sierra Resort does not allow backpacks, duffel bags or oversized luggage on the casino floor, including all bars and in the Race and Sportsbook.
These measures are being enforced with the security of patrons in mind. We appreciate your cooperation.

Large Bags Are Not Permitted in These Areas

  • Casino floor
  • Resort and casino bars
  • Race and Sportsbook

Guests with large bags in these areas will be asked to store their bags in their hotel room or vehicle. Based on storage availability, hotel guests may store their bag at the bell desk if they are checking-in or checking-out that day.

Please note: Non-compliant guests will be asked to leave the casino, bar, or Race and Sportsbook areas.

Bags Are Permitted in These Areas

  • Traveling to and from a vehicle
  • Dining in any of our restaurants
  • In common areas (Ex. promenade, retail, leisure and spa level etc.)
  • While attending conventions and business meetings
  • While carrying a medical device (Ex. oxygen container)


There are various types of large bags. Enforcement of this policy will be at the discretion of security. The following is a general guideline only.

  • Backpacks are bags with shoulder straps, however, there can be design variations. They are meant to be carried on one’s back or over the shoulder.
  • Duffel bags are held by a strap or handles and are used to carry personal belongings.
  • Oversized handbags are those meant to store or carry personal belongings and are NOT women’s purses or handbags.