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Grand Adventure Land

Get into the swing of family fun time at Grand Sierra Resort’s Grand Adventure Land.

Our outdoor adventures include an adrenaline-packed go-kart course and Ultimate Rush thrill ride. Strap in for excitement!

Grand Adventure Land Games And Attractions

Go Karts

We’ve got a thrilling go-kart course to suit your racing style!

Drift Track

5 Minute Race – $7.50

This oval racing track sports our fastest karts and is designed for experienced drivers looking for a challenge. Restrictions:

  • Must be aged 16+ with valid identification
  • Must be at least 60″ tall
  • Weight limit 350lb
  • No double-seaters available
  • No back pads available

Road Track

5-Minute Race – Driver $6.50

Optional Passenger $4.00 This is Reno go-kart racing at its best, with many twists and turns to increase your adrenaline rush. Restrictions:

  • Must be aged 12+ to drive
  • Must be at least 57″ tall
  • Passengers must ride with a driver aged 16+
  • Passengers must be at least 36″ tall
  • Weight limit 350lb
  • Back pads available for shorter guests

Slick Track

5-Minute Race – Driver $7.50


  • Must be aged 14+ to drive
  • Must be at least 60″ tall
  • Weight limit 350lb
  • No double-seaters available
  • No back pads available

Kid Track

5-Minute Race – Driver $4.00

A mini oval for our young drivers, the kid track offers a fun and safe driving experience for children with simple, electric go-karts that are easy to drive. Restrictions:

  • Must be between 42″- 55″ tall

Ultimate Rush

Feel the adrenaline rush of a lifetime with Ultimate Rush. Our trained GSR staff will fasten you into a sling and hoist you 180-feet in the air – then you pull the ripcord to send yourself on a mind-blowing descent that feels like free flying at 65 miles per hour!

First Flight $25.00 | Lift-Off and Free-Fall Swing Re-Flight (still in suit) $10.00


  • No age limit, but must meet height requirement
  • Must be at least 42″ tall
  • Up to 3 riders at a time
  • 2 rider minimum if winds are over 15mph
  • 3 rider minimum if winds are over 23mph
  • Weight limit (combined) 850lb
  • Must sign waiver before riding

Host Your Next Group Event at Grand Adventure Land

Grand Adventure Land is the perfect destination for thrill-seeking group parties.

Please call 775-789-2075 for pricing.

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